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   As is typical with most coastal resort areas, Delaware beaches provide a mix of housing and mom-and-pop shops along with the larger shopping centers on the outskirts. Bordering the resort area is farmland with small towns scattered about. Here among the farmland one will find orchards and farm stands selling fresh local produce and prepared goods. As many are already aware, fishing and crabbing are available courtesy Rehoboth Bay.
   The boardwalk in Rehoboth offers up the standard fare of shops and eateries. Numerous other establishments not located on the boardwalk are easily accessible via foot. Nestled between Rehoboth and Lewes is Cape Henlopen State Park. Here one can engage in camping, hiking and fishing. Dewey, sandwiched between the ocean and the bay, lacks the land mass of Rehoboth but holds its own when it comes to nightlife. To the south of Dewey one will find Bethany and Fenwick Island which have grown over the years from outposts to self-sustaining seasonable communities. Inland from the coast there are more opportunities to experience as one encircles Rehoboth Bay.


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